Our mission

As a Delta Academy, our mission is to change lives.

Our ethos

Our priority at Ryecroft Academy is to deliver high quality teaching and learning with real and relevant learning experiences that are steeped in enrichment. We provide a broad and balanced curriculum which builds enthusiasm for learning and equips children for the next stage of their education and indeed later life. We have the greatest aspirations for all and seek to foster lively, enquiring minds, encouraging our children to have a thirst for learning. We work closely with children to develop a growth mindset and build self-confidence so that they can become independent and resilient learners. We are committed to ensuring that all children aspire to the highest levels of personal achievement and development.

The following behaviour expectations and core values are taught across our curriculum: Be safe, be respectful and be responsible.

Our values

We have been working on developing our three core values for children and adults in our assemblies. As a result, we all have a shared understanding of our high expectations for everyone.

Aspirations – giving you something to hope for and aim towards.

Resilience – always working to the best of our ability for the benefit of ourselves and our community especially if it is tough and hard work.

Enjoyment – being engaged, positive and purposeful in our learning.

What do you think our core values mean for pupils, staff and parents?